Jenni was born in November 2012 and was found abandoned when she was about a month old. She has been diagnosed with congenital malformation of hands and club feet.

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Jenni has been raised by a foster family. In 2013 while she had a fever she had a seizure and was taken to the hospital. They tried to do a CT scan but she was uncooperative so they gave up.

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Her foster home regularly plays music, sings to her and often takes her outside to promote mental and physical development. In June 2013 she received treatment for club foot and recovered well. At the time of her report, Jenni was 11 months old. She was said to have a quiet personality and wasn’t able to sit independently yet. When lying in bed she could grasp toys to play with. She recognized people’s faces, would listen to simple instructions, played hide-and-seek and laughed happily. She could make vowel sounds, enjoyed playing with other children and watching cartoons. Jenni was afraid of strangers but could warm up to them gradually.


In October 2015 when she was almost 3 a doctor suggested malnutrition, slight anemia, scoliosis and developmental delay, but she was recovering well. At that time she was walking with corrective shoes while holding a caregivers hand, able to use her fingers to pick up small objects, able to locate the direction of sounds and could follow moving people with her eyes. She was fond of imitating, listening to music, playing with toys and games, and had a ready smile. Her favorite activity was playing games with others and her favorite toys were those that were colorful and made sounds.


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Jenni is overall healthy and seldom gets sick, but does cough and throw up easily. She is still living with a foster family and is especially close to her foster father. She has a 5 year old foster brother but doesn’t play much with him or other children. Her mental development is delayed when compared with her peers. Her fine motor skills are good and she can grasp small objects, play with toys, and hold a bottle. She can stand and cruise but cannot run or jump. She wears corrective shoes (shown in older pictures). Her spine does not have any obvious deformity and she is able to sit. Her language development is delayed, she can make sounds in her throat and say “bye bye”. She cannot speak in complete sentences and cannot speak clearly. Tonya’s personality is introverted and she cries easily. She is happy when you play with her, give her toys, or watch TV with her. She likes going outside. When she’s upset, she can be comforted with words and her favorite toys. She wears diapers and has normal urination and defecation. Measurement: height: 94cm, weight: 10kg, head size: 47cm, chest size: 50cm, length of her feet: 15cm, number of teeth: 18

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