Bailey was born in October 2012 and found abandoned when she was around 5 months old. She has been diagnosed with being deaf and lack of speech.

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When Bailey initially entered her institute she was said to be thin, weak and delayed in motion development. She received rehabilitation training and when she was 8 months old she could sit supported for awhile and liked to suck her fingers. She was said to be very cute. When she was 10 months old she was able to sit independently and would reach for the toys around her. She was fond of playing a “high five” game, clapping hands with caretakers – this made her smile. When she was 12 months old she became more capable. She was able to lay on her stomach and raise her head very high and was able to stand for awhile with her hands being held. When the weather grew cooler and her caretaker would try to make her wear socks she would be naughty and use her strong little hands to take them off! When she was 13 months old she would crawl forward on her stomach and could move from lying down to sitting by herself. In December 2013 Bailey was sent to live in a foster family who cared very much for her and she attached to them well. The foster mother said that when Bailey wanted to be held she would stretch her arms out.


Bailey was 3.5 when her adoption file was written in August 2016. She has been described as being active and having a ready smile. She liked outdoor activities and toys with bright colors. She could go up and down stairs without help, wash her hands. dress and undress herself and work buttons, and could imitate drawing lines and circles. Her favorite activity at that time was watching TV and playing with blocks.


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