Liam was born in October 2012 and found abandoned on the day of his birth. He has been diagnosed with spinal meningocele which he received surgery for when he was less than a month old. He was also diagnosed with hydrocephalus when he was 8 months old and underwent surgery to insert a shunt. Liam has had two seizures, one in December of 2015 and another in May of 2016. He does not require any medication and has not had other seizures, but has been diagnosed with epilepsy.



Liam is active, loving, caring and playful. His physical condition and development are good and he is able to walk independently. Liam’s gross motor skills are good, but his fine motor skills are delayed significantly. His language development is delayed, but he can speak some simple word such as aunt, cracker and hungry. He uses words to express his needs, can imitate words and understands what “no” means. Liam appears to understand directions well and can be seen following directions in his video. His intellectual development is said to be behind that of his peers, but his caretakers do not believe this is a permanent condition.


Liam has a good appetite and has bowel and bladder control, but needs to be reminded to use the bathroom by an adult. He is able to eat and dress by himself. Liam plays well with peers and helps take care of the younger children. He smiles happily when his caretakers hold him or give him a toy.

It is hoped that Liam’s delays will improve with the love and support of a family.


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How is his mental ability compared to peers the same age? His mental is relatively behind
How does the special need affect his health? He has epilepsy.
Is he potty trained? yes
Please describe his personality. He is active and busy.
Is he well behaved and obedient? He is well behaved and obedient.
How are his gross motor skills? Good- he can walk well and go upstairs and downstairs. No limitations.
How are his fine motor skills? Good- he can draw or scribble and can pick up tiny things. No limitations.
Is he in any kind of school? He is not in school yet.
How is his emotional development? He is sticky to people, likes being held by his caretakers, gets along well with other kids in the room, and cares about and helps other kids.
How are his social skills? Good- he is not afraid of strangers and he gets along well with other people.
Is he under foster care or living in the orphanage?  He lives in the orphanage.
Updated Measurements: Height: 105 cm; Weight: 19 kg; Head Circ: 53 cm; Chest circ: 61 cm; Foot length: 16 cm; Number of teeth: 20

How is the language ability of the child? He can talk but not very well. He can say simple words and can express his needs clearly. His language ability is behind kids of his age. Can the child follow directions of adults? yes
Is the child on any medication? He is in good condition. No medication.
What is the daily schedule of the child? gets up at 7:00am, then activity time, lunch at 12:00pm, nap at around 1:00pm, dinner at 6:00pm, goes to bed at 9:00pm, 3 meals a day, drink formula before going to bed
What does the child eat? He eats noodles, rice, dumplings, buns, vegetables, congee,etc. He is busy when eating so he needs help from the caretakers. He eats with a spoon and does not need bottle anymore.
Does the child know any English? No
Does the child want to be adopted? He does not understand adoption, but likes being taken care of.
What color does the child like?  bright colors
What activity does the child like to do? He likes playing with balls, tearing paper, etc.
What is the favorite toy of the child? He likes toys with sound.



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