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Heather was born in October 2012 and has been diagnosed with a brain abnormality and delayed development.  Please see August 2015 update at bottom of post!

Heather pic 2

Heather was abandoned when she was around 7 months old.  When she entered the orphanage it was reported that she had average physical development.  During her entrance physical the hospital staff said she was slightly delayed, however, they didn’t specify what those delays were.  At that time she could sit without help and would smile when teased.  She had a clear mind, good mental state, good reaction and stable breath.

Heather pic 3

At the age of 8 months she was transferred to an infant nursing program.  They reported that she could turn over freely, liked sucking her fingers, smiled when teased and could grasp toys for a long time and play.  At the age of 9 months she would look around when her name was called and cried when unhappy.  At 10 months she enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror and would shake her head and laugh out loud.  She would play with toys and kick her legs.  At 11 months she would pull on her feet when being tickled. She would sit against objects, touch adults faces when sitting in their laps and giggled when playing hide and seek.  At the age of one year she enjoyed soft rice and listening to music.  Would look at those holding her and would stretch her arms in front of her to reach objects.  The staff said she was quiet, seldom cried, liked to suck her fingers, had a ready smile and good physical development.

Heather pic 1

At the time of her report in November 2013 the staff said she could crawl on hands and knees, pick up small objects with thumb and index finger and bang two blocks together.  She enjoyed listening to music, playing with toys was energetic and got along well with others.

Heather pic 4


1. Is Heather still considered mentally delayed?  If so, what are her symptoms?  It seems like her understanding is a little delayed. 

 2. Is Heather physically delayed at all?  If so, what are her symptoms?  No, her physical development is normal. 

Heather1, UPDATE 8:2015

 3. Is Heather able to stand with support or independently?  Can she walk yet?  No, she can’t stand independently yet, but she can stand with support. she can walk with support as well. 

 4.  Has Heather started speaking or babbling?  If so, what does she say?  Yes, she’s babbling now. she can make the sounds like: Ah Ah, Ma, etc. 

Heather3, UPDATE 8:2015   Heather4, UPDATE 8:2015

 5. Please describe Heather’s personality and abilities.  She is outgoing. She can hold a bottle and feed herself. She can crawl. She responds to her name. she can clap hands and wave bye bye. 

 6. What are Heather’s favorite activities?  She likes to be held and play with other children. She loves outdoor activities. 

Heather2, UPDATE 8:2015

 7. Does Heather enjoy playing with other children or caretakers?  Who is she closest to  She enjoys playing with other children. Her closest person is her nanny. 

 Her updated measurements:  Height: 90cm; Weight:12kg; Foot:11cm.