Josiah was born in March 2012 and found abandoned when he was 2 months old.  Although not listed in his medical report agency staff who met him were told he had cerebral palsy.



Josiah was placed in a foster family. At the age of 3 months he could raise his head up and use his hands to support himself on his stomach for a short time. He could also follow moving objects with his eyes. At 4 months old he reacted to sounds and would react to being spoken to by smiling. He could recognize his foster parents and seldom cried when she his foster mother would cuddle him. At the age of 5 months he liked looking at colorful things such as cards or balloons. He also liked toys he could shake to make noise. At the age of 6 months he would dance with joy when familiar people would call to him. He could get toys and put them in his mouth to suck. Sometimes he would babble and he liked when his foster parents would talk or sing to him. He enjoyed being outdoors. At 7 months old he began to recognize strangers and became shy around them. At 8 months he could hold things in his hands tightly, roll over flexibly, play hide and seek games and reach out his hands for objects. By 10 months he could sit steadily began to crawl but was uncoordinated. He could stand with support and answered questions with simple words. He knew his name and was said to be a clever baby.


Agency staff met Josiah in November 2016 and were told he had cerebral palsy. He made sounds to vocalize and they believe he has potential to stand and walk with rehabilitation. He smiled and laughed during their visit and clapped his hands when he was happy. They were told he enjoys being with other children and listening to music.


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