Chloe was born in March 2012 and found abandoned when she was 2 months old. She has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.


Chloe has been in good health since entering her institute. When she was 2 months old she could hold her head up while lying on her stomach. At 3-4 months old she could hold her head up while lying on her back and her movements increased. At 5-6 months old she could hold her shoulders up when lying on her stomach and could hold her head up more steadily when propped up with her forearms beneath her. She made early sounds and giggled when played with. At 7-8 months old she began trying to roll over. When she was happy she would wave her hands and stamp her feet. At the age of 12 months she could roll over and sit steadily without help. She began to crawl quickly using her hands and feet. She responded to her name when called. By 18 months she could pick up small objects with her fingers, held her own bottle and could stand briefly with support. By 2 years old she could coordinate her body movements well. She liked to walk with help and liked hugs. She could hold two objects with her hand at the same time and was willing to share her toys with others. She would wait for her food and pushed away things she didn’t like. She could speak a few single words such as “ma ma,” and, “ba ba.” Chloe could also recognized and respond to the facial expressions of adults. At 2.5 years old Chloe began to find toys that were hidden, could walk alone for several steps and could open a door. At the time of her report, June 2016, Chloe was 4 years old. She played with other children, could build a tower of blocks and thew a ball strongly. She could walk steadily and ran with small steps. She loved to walk everywhere and could understand simple words. She understood her caretakers instructions and obeyed them. She could put things away and expressed “good-bye” by waving her hands. She attended social activities, understood criticism and listened to advice. She used facial expressions and cried when she is unhappy. Chloe could go up stairs, knew the difference between inner and outer and is able to dress and undress herself. She was described as being shy and energetic and a child who gets along well with others. She was fond of listening to music and playing with toys.


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