Alex was born in July 2010 and found abandoned around 2 years old. In March 2016 he received surgery to correct congenital ptosis of his left eye. At this point, he was also diagnosed as having a growth hormone deficiency and intellectual developmental disability. He is receiving a growth hormone supplement to help improve his growth.



Upon entering the orphanage he was shy and didn’t like to go outside, but he gradually adapted to and accepted his new living situation. He became very attached to his caregivers, grew comfortable with the other children in the orphanage, but was still very shy of strangers. As Alex grew comfortable, his caregivers found him to be a very helpful, adorable, kind child. Alex would help his caregivers feed the younger children and would help them to clean up their toys. He had a good appetite and self-care ability. He enjoyed playing with colorful toys and dragging around his favorite toy car.


By his third birthday, Alex was bolder and less fearful. When playing outside, he would try the seesaw and slide that he used to be afraid of, and would laugh as he showed his bravery. He was still scared of strangers and shy around them at this point. Alex loved to listen to music and dance, even though he sometimes looked a bit goofy! He would hold hands with his peers while walking and always tried to help his teacher. He was active, had great self-care ability, and followed instructions well even with his communication being limited.


At five years old, Alex was much stronger. He was also even bolder than before! He was now less shy around strangers and more comfortable with himself and his abilities. He learned a lot from his teacher and his foster mom at this age. He dressed himself, helped carry fruits harvested in the garden, and helped care for the younger children. His ability to imitate others grew and he often engaged in this type of play. His study ability was improved and he frequently observed those around him. Now he is almost 6 years old. Alex cannot express himself through language, but he is able to communicate with others effectively in other ways. He is a helpful and caring child. His caregivers are very fond of him.


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