Paul was born in February 2010 and found abandoned when he was around 4 years old. He has been diagnosed with a visual impairment of both eyes. His physical condition is good.


Paul’s adoption report was written in September 2016. At that time he was described as being active, cheerful and polite. He was sensitive to sounds and could distinguish the footsteps of adults from children, and his nanny and teacher. When he first entered his institute he spoke a a dialect and not Mandarin and would ask for “grandpa.” He was clingy with his nanny but over a period of time he learned Mandarin and could communicate with the nannies and other children. As he learned they thought his accent was cute and all liked him.

Paul began attending school through a Little Sister Project of Half the Sky Foundation. He was said to be cheerful and able to communicate well, and was praised for being smart. He likes to study and ask questions. Class held outside is his favorite. He likes to feel the flowers and ask what kind they are. He can draw, do puzzles, sing songs, dance, tell stories, do math and tell stories. His peers enjoy playing with him.

At the time of his report Paul was said to have strong self care abilities such as brushing teeth, washing his face and hands, bathing, dressing, eating, cleaning up kitchen utensils, toileting, etc. His teachers and nannies say he is cooperative, sensible and actively helps with chores such as cleaning up, folding clothes and making his bed. He likes to play with other children and listen to stories and music.

During an interview in October 2016 Paul indicated that he liked playing with Ultraman and enjoyed painting. His favorite colors were blue, red and yellow. Some of his favorite foods were apple, pear, watermelon, eggs and potatoes. When asked if he would like a foreign family he answered, “Yes I would, thank you.”


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