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Reagan was born in February 2010 and has Down syndrome.  She was abandoned as a newborn.

Hannah, CHAC, 2:10

Reagan has a big smile and is described as an active little girl. Since being placed with a foster family, she has made progress in her language, physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. Hannah is not a big talker, but she understands and responds to her teacher. She can use the bathroom, get dressed/undressed on her own, throw and chase a ball.  Hannah likes to care for other children and comfort them when they are sad.

October 2015 update from an advocate who met Hannah/Reagan below:

“5 year old Reagan is an absolute doll who I got to meet in China in September! Reagan is diagnosed with down syndrome, but she does not have any congenital heart defects. She is in foster care in the orphanage village on the orphanage grounds. She attends school in the orphanage, where she is in her 2nd year of kindergarten. She likes to play with toys and help put chairs away at school. She is friends with all of the kids in her class. She loves sweet dim sum, crackers, and cakes. Reagan likes playing with the sports equipment, especially balls. She is toilet trained. 

Reagan was sent to the orphanage in 2014. She had a scar on her neck when she came- the orphanage is not sure what it was from. She is super cute, smiley, flexible, and very friendly! She laughed happily and is always excited to see new people. She offers toys to new friends and is good with sharing. She is not at all aggressive. She only makes noises and mimics. She has a couple of simple words, but is not totally clear. Reagan loves to dance and has good gross motor skills. She has good fine motor skills as well and can string beads. She is independent with her care- she can dress and undress herself and feed herself using a spoon and a cup. Reagan is high functioning for a child with down syndrome. She is a very happy and loving girl and will bless some family so much!”

Hannah:Reagan, DS, CHAC & MAA


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