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Isaac was born in July 2009 and found abandoned when he was around 2 years old. He has been diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy.


Isaac was said to be an outgoing, energetic, inquisitive, and funny child. He got along well with his peers and enjoyed chatting with adults, singing, playing games with other children, and listening to music.


Isaac entered his orphanage in 2016 after spending many years in a cerebral palsy hospital in another province. He began attending school in the orphanage and working with a volunteer organization. The attention and services he received there helped him immensely.

Isaac hadn’t received any surgeries for his cerebral palsy but was receiving rehabilitation training four times per week. He walked very well with his walking aid and the volunteer organization staff believed he would be able to move independently without a walker if he continued receiving these services. They also believed he had a good prognosis for independent living in adulthood. Isaac had good self-care skills. He could eat, drink, use the toilet, wash his face and brush his teeth without assistance, and had both bowel and bladder control.

Isaac loved to go to school and was described as intelligent and thoughtful. He had been learning English in school was doing very well. He knews the alphabet, common phrases, feeling words and more. He was working hard to learn to write in English. Isaac was able to communicate well and had good expressing ability. He liked to ask questions and discuss his ideas.

Isaac was said to be an adventurous child that enjoyed new experiences. He asks about his friends who have been adopted and wonders when his family will come for him. He longs for adventure with a family of his own.



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