Danny was born in July 2009 and found abandoned at 3 years old. He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. His mobility is limited due to his cerebral palsy, but he is able to move about with walking supports. A child psychologist did an IQ and developmental test on him and said he has a high IQ and is truly very bright!

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Danny is described as a smart, outgoing, resilient, sweet tempered, bright, funny, determined boy with an indomitable spirit. He cares deeply for others and does all he can to comfort a child in distress. He is also patient and will make up games for himself if he has to wait for assistance. Danny loves sports- his favorite of which is soccer. He loves to laugh and joke. He will often hide objects around the room to tease others! Danny loves to be read to and enjoys playing games on an iPad.

Danny does have great control of his feet and toes which he uses to turn pages, move items, write, and operate his communication supports. He can speak some simple words and his speech is improving, though he is better able to express himself when using his communication supports. He is quick to grasp new concepts, enjoys school, and is determined to learn.

Despite the hardships he has faced, Danny has made significant progress according to an NGO worker in China. When the NGO worker first met Danny in 2012, he was severely malnourished. With assistance from the NGO program and his foster family, Danny grew stronger, healthier, and happier. He is learning new ways to move around and communicate with others. Through the tools he is provided and the methods he is taught, Danny is gaining more freedom and he loves it! Danny needs a loving, supportive family to help him thrive.


“After we made this short clip, he flipped to his communication page and asked me for a snack, when I brought him some goldfish crackers, he tapped “Thank you. Sweet boy!”


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