Lindsay was born in August 2009 and found abandoned when she was one day old. She has been diagnosed with congenital deformities of hands and feet (clubbed feet), stiffness of knee joints and osteopsathryosis (although Arthrogryposis (AMC) has been suggested as possibly a more appropriate diagnosis by a physician who met her.)  DON’T MISS HER VIDEOS AND UPDATE BELOW!!!


When Lindsay first entered the institute it was noted that she had clubbed hands and feet and low muscle tone. In December 2009 and October 2012 she suffered fractures in her legs and a dislocated right hip which she was treated for. In June 2015 a physical exam noted bilateral dislocation of hip joints, developmental malformation of bilateral femur, club feet, stiffness of knee joints, deformity of both hands and dyskinesia.

When Lindsay was 2-3 months old she had a strong cry and facial expressions, and her eyes could follow moving objects. At 4-5 months old she could raise her head when lying on her stomach, could stare at her hands and could turn her head to follow a moving object. She could look around for the source of sounds and was babbling. At 6-7 months old she would smile upon seeing a bottle of milk. She could consciously cry or smile, and laugh out loud. At 8-9 months she could raise her chest supporting herself with her hands when lying on stomach. She could sit alone and hold her bottle of milk. She knew her caretaker and would smile at her. She became more verbal and was teething. At 10-12 months she could sit for a long time and crawl. Her fine motor was affected by the deformities of her hands and feet. She could repeat words and would reach out her hands to ask to be held. At 13-15 months old she could stand for awhile by holding onto a railing. She could imitate by shaking her head or clapping her hands, and was cooperative with getting dressed. At 16-24 months she could walk when holding a railing and could play games with her caretaker. She was speaking words like Mom, Dad and Aunt.


At the time of her report Lindsay was 6 years old. She was described as being introverted, sensible and timid. She was shy around strangers. Her fine motor skills were still affected and she couldn’t grasp with her hands although her fingers could pick things up. She could hold a bottle of milk but caretakers fed her. She could unbutton and take off her clothing, turn pages in a book and liked playing with her peers. She shared toys and got along well with others. Lindsay could recognize friends and could follow directions when asked to distribute things to other children. Although her language development was slow she was actively speaking and could communicate with her peers.



How does the special need affect her health? She had a bone fracture in December, 2009 and October, 2012. The diagnosis was 1. right thigh bone fracture, 2. right hip dislocation, 3. deformed lower limbs, 4. brittle bones. The treatment lasted for two and six months. As she gets older, she is doing better and has not had bone fractures.

Is she potty trained? No, she is still in diapers.

Please describe her personality in details: She is extroverted and she will go to the caretakers to greet them.

Is she well behaved and obedient?
She is well behaved and obedient.

How are her gross motor skills?  She is not walking independently. She can walk by holding the rails. She can crawl out of the crib. Her left joint cannot fold, but her right side is okay. She can hold things with her hands and thumbs. Her fingers do not work properly.

How are her fine motor skills? She can do these and can take off and put on clothes.

Is she in any kind of school? She has not had any schooling.

How is her emotional development? Her emotional development is normal. She likes caretaker Wang. She cares for the other kids. If some kids had not eaten, she will let the caretakers know.

How are her social skills? She gets along well with others.

Is she in foster care or living in the orphanage? She lives in the orphanage.

How is the language ability of the child? Her language is delayed. She can only say words of two characters, not sentences. She can say “ayi”, “mama” etc. and names of other kids.

Can the child follow directions? One step, two steps, or three steps? No problem.

Is the child on any medication? No

Measurements: Height: 91 cm, Weight: 14 Kg,Head cir: 48.5 cm, Chest circ: 55 cm,Foot length: 10.5 cm,Number of teeth: 20


In April 2016 agency staff met Lindsay and described her as, “an absolutely adorable girl with an amazing giggle!” When they blew bubbles she laughed and laughed while trying to pop them and when they tossed a balloon back and forth she laughed so hard her face turned red! Staff were told that she speaks in single words and at that time had 20-30 words in her vocabulary. She answered “yes” and “no” questions by shaking or nodding her head.

Due to her limb differences she wasn’t able to feed herself. She could scoot around the floor quite well and was able to walk a little while holding a caretaker’s hands. Agency staff said she was an exuberant little girl who would bring so much laughter and happiness to any home.

A physician who met Lindsay during this trip suggested that Arthrogryposis may be a more accurate diagnosis for her.




From a mama who met her, Lindsay “is beyond precious!! She exudes with sweetness and joy. She loved all of the attention that she was getting from us. She seemed very interested in everything going on around her. She has the most BEAUTIFUL smile and the sweetest little giggle. While she has a physical difference of the joints, the staff said she cannot walk but is able to do many things. The nannies seem to pay extra special attention to her and her needs.”




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