Kristin was born in September 2015 and found abandoned when she was less than a week old. She has been diagnosed with cerebral dysplasia and congenital heart disease (PFO).



Kristin was very weak and thin when she first entered her orphanage. When her file was prepared she was 7 months old and was able to turn her head and raise her arms when lying on her back and hold her head up when lying on her stomach. When she was hungry or needed to be changed she would cry loudly and stamp her feet to express her needs. After a meal she would lie on her bad and play while babbling to herself. She liked to be cuddled by the caretakers. When she was sitting in a baby chair she would watch the other children play and hold onto a small toy to play by herself. She she heard music she would get excited and wave her hands. When the music would stop she would freeze suddenly and look around to where the sound had been coming from.


Kristin’s report states that she is a deep sleeper. She could visually follow moving toys, distinguish between strangers and caretakers, laughed out loud and knew her name and would turn when called. She was described as a quiet girl who was fond of listening to music.



Her heart condition does not affect her and her lips do not turn blue. When you take a toy and move it in front of her she moves her head in the direction of the toy.  She can roll over onto her side, but she does not sit independently. She does not recognize familiar people. Because of the position in which she sleeps it is difficult for her to turn her head or support her head on her own. When her name is called, if she is sleeping she is slow to turn her eyes and respond.  Her hands are always in a very tight fist, and when she is grasping a toy she needs help opening her fingers, she does not consciously take the initiative to grasp a toy. It looks as though her intelligence is not very good. When her nanny holds her and speaks to her she gazes at her nanny and smiles. She cries to get her nannies attention. She does not know when her name is called. Sometimes she babbles.

Updated measurements: Height: 68.5cm、 Weight: 7.64kg、Chest Circumference: 44.7cm、Head Circumference: 42.1cm、 Number of Teeth: 1、Foot Length: 9.2cm


How is her mental ability compared to peers the same age? It is behind.
How does the special need affect her health? Most aspects.
Is she potty trained? She uses glycerol to have a bowel movement.
Please describe her personality in details? She is mild and easy. She will smile once she sees the caretaker.
Is she well behaved and obedient? She is obedient.
How are her gross motor skills?  She can roll over well, can support up her head, and can sit by herself.
How are her fine motor skills?  She will reach for a toy if you hand it to her and she will shake it.
Is she in any kind of school? She receives PT in the orphanage.

How is her emotional development?  She will smile at the caretakers who are with her. She will smile if the nanny talks to her.
How are her social skills?  She gets along well with other kids and adults.
Is she under foster care or living in the orphanage? She has always lived in the orphanage since 09-11-2015.
How is the language ability of the child? She can say mama.
Can the child follow directions of adults? One step, two steps, or three steps? No.
Is the child on any medication? No.
What is the daily schedule of the child? She gets up at 6:00am, drink 180ml formula, 9:00 eat egg yolk, 9:10-9:40 PT, 10:45-11:00 meal, 12:00-14:00 nap, 14:00-14:30 drink water, 14:30-16:40 PT, 16:45-17:00 meal, 17:00-19:00 free time, after 19:00 drink formula and go to bed.

What does the child eat?  She drinks with a bottle, eats rice cereal, nutrition meal, mashed fruit,etc. She cannot feed herself.
Does the child know any English? No
Does the child understand what adoption means? No
What color does the child like? Bright colors.
What activity does the child like to do? She likes interacting with caretakers and likes the nanny to hold her and talk to her.
What is the favorite toy of the child? Rattle toys.

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