CHINA: Emily

Emily was born in May 2014 and found abandoned when she was a few days old. She has been diagnosed with post-operative CHD (ASD), Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus and Developmental Delays.

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Emily pic 2

At the time of Emily’s report she was 10 months old and said to be shorter than her peers, had weak resistance, caught colds easily, and had high muscular tension.  She received rehabilitation training, HPO and swimming in the morning and afternoon to improve her motor function and lower her muscular tension.

Emily pic 3    Emily post op pic

She liked colorful toys that made sounds and could visually follow a moving toy with her eyes.  She laughed when talked to and teased.  Emily was described as a sensible child who doesn’t usually cry.  She is obedient and goes to sleep easily after playing in bed for a moment.  Emily is described as a smart baby who is quiet and fond of playing games. She can lay on her stomach and hold her head up, locate the direction of sounds and follow moving objects around the room turning her head from side to side.

In a July 2015 update it was reported that: “Her development is still very delay. We have provided her therapy everyday. Now she can follow the sound and moving stuff. She still can’t sit, grasp, make any sound.”

Emily, AAI Update pic 2015

In a March 2016 update it was reported that she was not sitting alone or walking.

Emily update pic 1

Updated developmental information is being requested.


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