Hope was born in April 2014 and diagnosed with Post-Operative Lumbosacral Meningocele and Arthrogryposis Multiplex.  She was found abandoned on the day of her birth and received surgery before she was two weeks old.


Hope pic 1

At the age of 3-4 months she could hold her hands together, had a ready smile and would laugh out loud and hold her head up to look around when a caretaker played with her.  At the age of 5-6 months she was said to have rich facial expressions, could locate the direction of sounds when called.  She could stretch out her hands to grasp a toy and made sounds of “nana” when caretakers would talk to her.  At the age of 7-8 months she could roll over and would suck her fingers in her sleep.  At the age of 9-10 months she could hold her own milk bottle with her hands while watching other children playing.  She would giggle and smile when played with.

 Hope pic 3

Her adoption report was completed she was 11 months old.  At that time she could sit for a long time being supported, knew her name and would turn when called.  She would respond to the facial expressions of caretakers and liked to be cuddled and played with.  She usually played with toys quietly and her favorite toys played music.  In April 2015 an X-ray report lists the following:  1. Lumbar vertebra normal, 2. Sacrococcygeal curve straightening, 3. Congenital subluxation of hips? To check CT, 4. Bilateral femur, tibia and fibula normal.


How is her mental ability compared to peers of the same age? Lower, compared with other kids of same age.

How does the special need affect her health? She cannot walk and has bowel and bladder incontinence, due to postoperative spina bifida.

Is she potty trained? No, she relies on diaper due to incontinence.

Please describe her personality. She is active and lovely. She likes smiling and talking to people.

Is she well behaved and obedient? Yes, she is.

How are her gross motor skills? She is confined to the movement of her upper limbs. She cannot walk, jump, or run, due to the limited functions of her lower limbs.

How are her fine motor skills? Great, she do all of that without any limited functions.

Is she in any kind of school? She is studying at the orphanage’s Sunshine school, and she can keep up in class.

How is her emotional development?  Great! She is quite attached to her caretakers and she has a good friend, You Renfu. She doesn’t know how to care for others yet.

How are her social skills? Great! She gets along well with kids and adults.

Is she under foster care or living in the orphanage? She lives in the orphanage.

Updated Measurements: Height:90 cm,Weight:15 kg,Head circ.:46 cm,Chest circ.:57 cm,Foot Length: 10.5 cm,Number of teeth:20

How is the language ability of the child?  Good. She can speak simple words and some sentences. She can express herself and answer simple questions. Her speech ability is a bit lower than other kids of the same age.

Can the child follow directions of adults? One step, two steps, or three steps? Yes.

Is the child on any medication? No.

What does the child eat? Can she feed herself? Does the child eat with chopsticks, spoon, or a bottle? Congee, noodles, rice noodles, rice, milk, bread, vegetables and meat. She can eat on her own with a spoon. She does not use a bottle.

What color does the child like? Red.

What activity does the child like to do? She likes to play games.

What is the favorite toy of the child? Balls and electronic toys.

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