Jackson was born in December 2013 and found abandoned almost six months later. He has been diagnosed with Aplasia of Optic Nerve.

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Jackson adapted to life in his institute quickly.  At the age of 10 months he began participating in the Parenting Program for Infants to receive early education.  When caretakers would touch his face he would smile an liked to be cuddled.  At the age of 1 year he could roll over, grasp a toy and sit with support. He would giggle when tickled.  At the time of his report Jackson was 1 year and 4 months old.  He could sit leaning on a support and enjoyed music.  His report also states he was imitating words, had a ready smile and his favorite toy was a rattle.

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Are both left and right eyes affected?   Yes, both eyes are blind.

Has he received any treatment for his eye (or eyes)?   No, he hasn’t received any treatment for his eyes.

Please describe what you think he can and cannot see.   Nothing.

Is he on target with speaking ability? What can he say?   He’s not speaking yet. He can only make some sounds.

Please describe physical skills. Is he crawling, standing, walking, and so on. How does he compare to other children his age?    He can’t not crawl, stand or walk yet. He can roll over his body. He can sit with assistance.

Please describe his fine motor skills. Can he hold a pen to scribble, grasp toys and so on?    He can hold a bottle to drink formula. He can’t hold a pen to scribble.

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If he has developmental delays, does he receive any rehabilitation training to help him catch up?   He’s not receiving rehabilitation training.

Does he still attend school for early education?   He is attending infant and toddler group early education in our institution.

Please describe his personality.   He’s very gentle, likes to roll over on the floor himself. He giggles a lot. He loves to cuddle. He has a ready smile. Loves his nanny hold him.

Does he interact well with other children? Is he close to a specific nanny?    He likes to entertain himself, rolling on the floor. His favorite person is his primary nanny who takes care of him most.

His updated measurements:   Height: 93cm; Weight: 17kg; Head: 50.5cm; Chest: 54cm; Foot: 12; Teeth: Full.

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