Ruby was born in November 2013 and found abandoned with pneumonia when she was around 6 months old. She’s been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Absence of Right Ear.


Ruby pic 3

When Ruby was around 16 months old she was sent to the Infant Program to receive early education. When lying on a cushion she liked to reach out her hands to play with the toys on the shelf.  She would grin when happy and smile when her name is called. When toys were moved in front of her she could follow them with her eyes.  She liked laying in her cradle and would suck her fingers when sleeping.

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At the time of her report she was 17 months old and would cry when she needed something.  If her needs were met she would calm down.  She liked toys with bright colors and when lying by the toys shelf she would reach out her hands to hold them. Ruby was said to be a deep sleeper who was imitating words. She was a quiet girl with a ready smile and fond of listening to music.

Ruby pic 2


How is her mental ability compared to peers the same age? Low mental ability. She cannot express herself by language and has low cognitive ability. She can understand her own name.

How does the special need affect her health? She cannot walk or stand by herself. She can only lay there, sleep on side, and sit with back support.

Is she potty trained? No, she is in diapers.

Please describe her personality in details. She is quiet and easy. She likes staying quietly in her crib and listening to music and watching the bell tied on the crib.

Is she well behaved and obedient? She does not cry much. She is easygoing. She sleeps in the crib quietly.

How are her gross motor skills?  She can only sit with assistance.

How are her fine motor skills?  She can pick up medium sized toys.

Is she in any kind of school? No school.

How is her emotional development? Is the child attached to anyone?  She is close to the caretaker. She does not know to care for others.

How are her social skills? Does she get along well with other children and adults? She is easygoing. She can get along well with other kids and adults.

Is she under foster care or living in the orphanage? She lives in the medical center of the orphanage.

How is the language ability of the child? What can she say? Can she speak one word, two words or sentences? Can she express her needs well? Is her language ability same as peers of same age? She cannot speak and can only make some sounds.

Can the child follow directions of adults? One step, two steps, or three steps? No.

Anything else you think the family should know about the child? If she is cranky but not hungry, just hold her and she will be all right. She likes sucking her fingers.

Is the child on any medication? No

Updated Measurements: Height 80cm; Weight 9.2kg; Head 48cm; Chest 50cm; foot 12cm; 18 teeth


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