Matthew was born in May 2013 and found abandoned when he was 4 months old.  His  adoption file states Mental Retardation and Nystagmus as his special needs, however, his hospital record lists his diagnosis as “Psychomotor Retardation.”  I am hoping for an update on his current development soon!

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Matthew spent 4 days in the hospital after being found.  Upon admission it was recorded that he had delayed development (Psychomotor Retardation), Bronchitis and Nystagmus.  He was treated for Bronchitis and returned to the institute.

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Matthew’s growth report states that when he was 5 months old he was transferred to an infant support program.  At that time he could turn his head when being called, roll over and push up with a raised head.  At 7 months old if you put a toy in front of him he would actively reach out his hands to hold the toy and kick his feet.  At 8 months he could suck his fingers loudly, look into a mirror and move objects between his hands.  At 13 months old he could roll over in circles and when in water therapy he would open his arms and try to grab the toys in the water.

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When Matthew’s adoption report was written he was 16 months old and could sit for a long time being held, laughed happily when teased, ate soft rice and had a good appetite.  He was said to be shy and quiet with fair physical development.

 Matthew pic 3


Please describe Matthew’s physical development and abilities (crawling, standing, walking, stairs, etc).  Matthew’s body is soft/weak, but he works very hard on crawling and grabbing something.

How do his physical abilities compare to other children in the institute the same age?  Compared to other children, his physical ability is a little behind. But he tries very hard. We believe one day in the future he will catch up with other children.

Please describe his fine motor skills.  Do both hands have similar strength?  He grabs things and play toys, shake rattle, etc.

If he has physical delays is he getting any therapy to improve?  If so, is he making progress?  He is receiving some therapy training.

Is he speaking any words or simple sentences?  No.

His listed diagnosis is Mental Retardation.  How does his mental ability compare to other children in the institution who are the same age?  If delayed, do you think he can catch up?  He is a little behind than other children. But we believe he will catch up.

Can he understand and follow directions?  Yes.

Please describe his personality.  He is a lively lovely child. He has a ready smile. He also had strong character. Even he’s developmentally delayed, he’s still trying his best to crawl.

Does his Nystagmus seem to affect his vision or balance?  It’s not obvious that his vision was affected. But it has slightly affected his body balance ability.

New pictures and a video have been requested. 


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