Jonathan was born in May 2013 and found abandoned when he was one day old.  He has been diagnosed with congenital cleft lip and cleft palate and had his unilateral cleft lip repaired during LWB’s 2016 Cleft Medical Exchange in April.  Don’t miss the updates below!


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Jonathan’s adoption file was completed when he was around 7 months old.  At that time he could raise his head when lying on his stomach, locate the direction of sounds and visually follow moving toys.  He had developed a special attachment to caretakers and smiled when cuddled.

   Jonathan update pic 2   Jonathan update pic

An update in his file indicates that he still hadn’t had surgery for his cleft lip and palate, and that his growth and development is behind his peers. His motor skills are delayed, he needs back support to sit, and he isn’t standing or walking yet. He turns his head when he hears his name being called. When he’s upset and cries, he’s easily soothed by being held and talked to.  This update wasn’t dated so I’m not sure how old the information is.  

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Jonathan was been chosen to participate in a cleft exchange through Love Without Boundaries.  He arrived to the hospital safely and passed his intake exam. They say he’s a sweet little peanut and is scheduled for the first day of surgical care. Please check back for more updates!

Charlie 4-17-16, AAI, pre lip surgery

LWB said Jonathan “loved all of the attention he received before having his lip repair surgery on Monday. He was even playing peek-a-boo with the LWB staff, giggling and smiling all morning. His surgery went really well and he slept a long time after returning to the ward. The nurses administered more pain medication when he awoke and he was quiet and calm the remainder of the day.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 7.49.07 AM Jonathan, LWB pic, 4:2016

Jonathan after he had his cleft lip surgery April 2016!!!


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