Michael was born in February 2013 and found abandoned when he was one year old. He received surgery in March of 2014 to correct a bilateral inguinal hernia. His medical report indicates that he had an abnormal EEG when he was 18 months old, but a recent EEG test was reviewed by US doctors and found to be normal.

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Michael is described as active, outgoing, and extroverted, and he gets along well with other children. The orphanage reports that he has many friends and makes new friends easily. Michael likes to play sports with his friends and will share his toys and food well with others. Michael enjoys music, TV, toys, and especially likes toy cars. He is described as curious and enjoys exploring new objects and situations. Michael has good eating and sleeping habits and has both bowel and bladder control. He has good self-care ability and is able to use the bathroom alone, wash his face, eat without assistance, and clean up after himself.

Michael’s physical development is on track compared to other children in the orphanage. He can walk, run, jump, and go up and down the stairs by himself. His fine motor skills are good as well; he can use chopsticks to pick up small objects and can draw with crayons. Michael’s intellectual development is reported to be slightly delayed, which is not uncommon for kids in orphanages. He knows his colors and numbers and can identify animals and familiar objects. He also can speak in complete sentences. He is currently living with a foster family.


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