Freddie was born in August 2012 and found abandoned when he was 7 months old. He has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and funnel chest.

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Freddie’s medical information is 3 years old, but there is some recent information available from his orphanage that gives a good picture of Freddie’s development. Neither the medical nor report indicate any significant delays with his physical development.

Freddie’s videos show him walking steadily, kicking a ball, and playing with blocks, indicating that his gross and fine motor may be on target. He reportedly can understand simple language and is seen following directions in his videos, though we are not sure if Freddie is able to speak. Freddie attends school in the orphanage, but there is no language training available which inhibits his ability to learn to speak. His intelligence is slightly delayed compared to his peers, but hopefully he will make progress with the proper services and interventions if chosen for adoption.


Freddie is said to be outgoing, active and loving. The orphanage reports that he can make new friends easily and he is seen playing with other children in his videos. Freddie has a sweet smile and pleasant demeanor. He has some self-care ability; he reportedly can do simple tasks alone but needs assistance with other tasks such as taking a shower. The orphanage reports that Freddie can have bowel and bladder control, but he does not at this time.

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