Gavin was born in July 2012 and abandoned when he was 4 months old. He has been diagnosed with dislocation of left hip joint, clubbed foot and arthrogryposis that seems to affect the lower limb joints.


Gavin pic 3

Gavin lives in the orphanage and does rehabilitation training every morning and every afternoon to increase flexibility.  It sounds like they’ve set a goal to have him walking independently.  His report from March 2014 states that he has good eating habits and a regular lifestyle.  He was hospitalized briefly when initially found for pneumonia but after receiving care he is better.  In February 2014 they stated he was making sounds like “mama” but not speaking much.  He rarely cries and watches his care takers while they are doing things.  He is cute when meeting unfamiliar staff and likes being hugged by his nannies and playing with plush toys.

Gavin pic 2  Gavin pic 1

Gavin is said to be a good sleeper.  He can pick small objects up between his thumb and index finger, hold a pen to scribble and imitates drawing lines.  He can take blocks out of a cup, bang them together and put the blocks back into the cup.  Gavin can turn the pages of a book one by one and knows “big” and “small.”  At the time of his report he was imitating words and could say 3-5 word sentences.  He knows what “no” means and responds when others ask him for objects.  Gavin is cooperative when getting dressed and can point with his fingers to his body parts like eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands.  He has a ready smile and gets along with others well but can be shy and introverted.  He enjoys listening to music and is closest to his care takers.

Gavin pic of legs


Teddie is described as a shy and quiet little boy. Teddie smiles when he sees his caretakers and watches them intently. He is easy going and gets along well with others. Teddie feeds himself and especially loves sweets!


To learn more about Arthrogryposis please click HERE.


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