Jake was born in June 2012 and found abandoned when he was around 2 months old.  He was diagnosed with coarctation of the aorta, PFO (patent foramen ovale), and developmental delay.  He received heart surgery when he was 2 years old. A postoperative echocardiogram from June 2015 shows an intact atrial septum and no residual obstruction to his aorta.


Jake 2

Jake is said to be fairly timid and introverted and close to his familiar care takers.  He likes to play peek-a-boo with the nannies and listen to music. At the time of his report in August 2015 he could sit alone, stand and walk holding onto a railing.  He was cooperative with getting dressed and held his own milk bottle.  At that time he wasn’t speaking but would giggle when happy.  His report indicates that he was receiving daily rehabilitation training for language and motor function, could draw lines on paper and knew the difference between “big” and “small.”

Jake 1



Through a US agency, a volunteer doctor and physical therapist had the opportunity to meet and spend time with Jake. The environment was slightly chaotic and the impression was that this orphanage was understaffed and most children weren’t receiving any rehabilitative treatment or therapies. Most children didn’t attend school and spent much of their time in a crib. Due to these factors it was the agency staff member’s opinion that the children in this orphanage may have more significant delays.

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Jake was said to be extremely tiny.  Since receiving heart surgery his fingers and toes don’t turn blue and he doesn’t get sick or tired more easily than other children.  Also at that time he wasn’t taking any medications.  Jake was calm with the volunteer staff and they observed him pulling up to stand while holding onto something and walking while holding a caregiver’s hands. Orphanage staff said they hadn’t done that with him before and he couldn’t stand alone without support yet. Jake was able to climb into his crib. At this time he wasn’t speaking but was babbling.  If he saw something he wanted he would crawl over and get it rather than trying to ask for it.  Caregivers said that if they put one or two other children in his crib it makes him very happy and he will hug them.  This sweet boy needs a family prepared for delays who will help him with the therapies he’ll need once home.



In a May 2016 update Jake was said to be in good health, seldom gets sick and is  living with a foster family. When asked about his intelligence they said he is behind peers of the same age and has poor speech ability.  He also has moderately poor motor function.  He can sit alone but needs support when standing or walking (holding a hand rail).  He can hold small objects with his hands.

Jake has a stable and sweet temper, easy to make giggle, but doesn’t understand directions well. He is not yet eating solid foods and lives on formula.

When asked about therapy it was reported that he currently receives none.  He is said to be shy with strangers but gets along well with caretakers and other children. He is fond of brightly colored toys.


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