Jane was born in February 2012 and found abandoned when she was a couple of days old. She is diagnosed with skull and limb malformations (thumbs and feet), Ametropia,  cleft palate and anal atresia. She has had several surgeries to address her conditions and has recovered well. Don’t miss her April 2017 update below!



Sweet Jane loves to throw kisses and give hugs. She is described as outgoing and active, with a positive personality! Jane likes to sing songs and tell stories and has good language and understanding abilities. She readily helps take care of the younger children and loves to play, especially jumping on the trampoline and playing sports. She goes up and down stairs unassisted, imitates drawing vertical lines, knows several colors, recognizes shapes, knows left and right, asks “what is it?” and is able to put on clothes by herself. Jane loves to learn and isn’t going to let anything slow her down!

Jane’s nannies believe that she will grow healthily and happily with a family to provide encouragement, care and love.


Jane can jump, stand on one foot, go up and down stairs, throw and catch a ball, and feed herself with a spoon. Her thumbs are malformed but her hands are flexible. She can dress and take off her clothing, wear socks and shoes, do simple puzzles and build with blocks. She can sort goods per the picture, color and shape. She can sing, read songs, count, do finger exercises and identify pictures of fruits and animals. Jane has normal intelligence and likes to study.

She can communicate with her nanny and is able to use the local language and Mandarin. Her cleft palate wasn’t long ago and her articulation is not clear, but we can understand her. She can read and sing very smooth. Jane loves to eat snacks, porridge and staple food. She is generally not a picky eater and has a good appetite. Anal atresia surgery has been done. She still cannot control stool.


She plays games with other children and gets along with them. She likes to be praised. If  she is in low spirits and caretakers actively respond to her and give comfort or distract her, her mood can quickly be adjusted to normal.  She is a lively, beautiful little girl.


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