Gunner was born in March 2011 and is diagnosed with post-operative Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate, Cleft Alveolar of right side and post-operative Right Indirect Inguinal Hernia.  He had surgery to repair his lip around 4 months old, treatment for kidney stones and surgery to repair his palate around 10 months old and surgery for Inguinal Hernia at 4 years old.

Gunner, NB 4:2015    Gunner, NB update3


Gunner was found abandoned when he was less than a month old and spent about two weeks under observation in a hospital before being taken to his institute. In October of 2013 he was moved to live with a foster family.  He attends kindergarten during the day and enjoys playing sports outside or watching TV at home. Gunner gets along well with his foster parents, foster sister and the kids in his Kindergarten class.

In May 2015 the institute had his hearing tested and the doctor felt he had inflammation of ears.  The way the report is written it sounds like they are making a connection to his cleft palate causing ear troubles which has led to his speech not being clear.

Gunner2, NB 7:2015   Gunner1, NB 7:2015

Gunner is able to run, jump freely off of the ground with both feet, hop on one foot, go up and down stairs, ride a tricycle, catch and pass a ball, put Legos together and feed and dress himself.  At the time his file was prepared in July 2015 it was reported that he is behind with his speech compared to his peers.  He does understand directions and answers yes and no questions. His kindergarten teacher describes him as being a cute and clever child who is obedient to teachers.  They say he gets along well with other children and hopes to be adopted by a family.

Gunner, NB update2

An advocate who met him in April 2015 said, “Gunner is a cute, funny 4 year old boy. He loves playing and bouncing a ball. Nothing makes him laugh harder than if you act silly with him bounce the ball off of your head! He absolutely loves silly play!”


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