Kaylie was born in May 2010 and found abandoned shortly after her 5th birthday. She has been diagnosed with premature birth and developmental delays.

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When Kaylie was brought to the orphanage she was found to be in good physical health and was placed with a foster family. She is able to speak but does’t like to communicate with others. She understands what her foster mom says to her and smiles if someone she is familiar with amuses her. A CT scan in her file shows no abnormalities. In the family she is closest to her foster mom but her report is unclear on her other relationships. It says she doesn’t get along well with other children initially but in a follow up page it states that she does get along well with other children, however, she can be a bully when things aren’t done her way.


Kaylie is introverted and not talkative, but has a great ability to accept new things. She is polite, respects her teachers and does well in school. Her motor function is normal and she’s able to sit, walk and go up and down stairs. She can speak but not clearly. She understands simple orders but not complicated ones. Kaylie has given her consent for international adoption. Staff say she is a great child and they all like her. They hope she will be chosen by a family who will love her.


Kaylie’s intelligence is a bit behind but her language and behavior are fine. When she speaks she tends to bow her head and doesn’t really like to look at people. She can express her feelings and although she doesn’t speak clearly she can be understood, and can have simple communication. Her learning ability is behind and her intelligence level is average.

She can feed and dress herself and is toilet trained during the day but does tend to wet the bed when she sleeps. If she has an accident she takes care of the quilt. She attends kindergarten and can count with an adult but not on her own. Her learning ability is poor. She is relatively bashful, introverted and shy but not afraid of strangers. She likes to play with dolls. She is a little picky with food and doesn’t like steamed bread or noodles but will eat anything else. Usually she knows what adults say and can communicate with them.


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