Will was born in February 2008 and was found abandoned when he was around three years old.  He has been diagnosed with Rickets, some limb deformities and cleft palate. During testing it was reported that his words were not clear.


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Will is described as compliant and easy going by his caregivers.  He is in 1st grade and says that he likes school and his teacher told volunteers that he is well behaved. He is beginning to read simple sentences, enjoys doing puzzles and helping with housework such as wiping tables and helping with his younger foster siblings. He is very independent in his self care (washing, eating, dressing, etc), and has a sweet, gentle demeanor that makes him very endearing. According to his report completed around his 8th birthday, he received bilateral femoral osteotomy and internal fixation, double foot soft tissue relaxation and cuboid osteotomy correction and plaster external fixation, and recovered well from what was considered successful surgery in June 2012.

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He is shy, but a good big brother to his foster siblings and doesn’t let others bully them.  He enjoys studying and does well in school. His report states that he would like to be adopted.

He studies in a special education school in his city and has lived in a mock foster family for 3 years. He is skinny for his age, weighing only 25kg. He is healthy though and rarely gets sick. Will eats well and is not picky about food. He likes meat balls and fish. He likes playing with puzzles, remote control cars, watching cartoons, and riding a bike. He can finish his homework. He is introverted. When he gets upset he will not talk to you, but it does not last for long and he will get over it quickly. He gets along well with the family and has better self care skills now. He can put on and take off his own clothes and bathe independently. Will can also help his foster mother to do some simple housework.


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