James was born in February 2008 and found abandoned when he was 7 months old. He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy which is said to only affect his left hand and left foot.

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James is described as sensitive, generous and sweet. He is living in a foster family with other children and gets along well with both children and adults. James is said to be introverted. He enjoys watching TV, playing cards, and playing with toy guns and balls. He is helpful and will assist his foster grandmother with simple chores around the house.

James cannot use his left hand to pick up or hold objects, but can do many things with his right hand. He is able to eat and drink without assistance and help with chores. James can walk, run, and jump, but does so slower than others his age because of difficulty using his left foot. James received physical therapy for 2 years, between the ages of 2 and 4, but has not received any since and has not had any surgeries. He has a normal diet and has both bowel and bladder control.


James can communicate well with adults and is on track with his language development. Intellectually, James is slightly delayed, maybe a year behind his peers. He is in the first grade in a school in his community. He can add and subtract, write, knows numbers 1 through 100, colors, shapes and sizes.


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