Sonya was born in February 2008 and abandoned 3 years later at the gate of her institute.  During her preliminary examination she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  When Sonya was 6 years old she was sent to live with a foster family where she has grown strong and built good relationships with other children in her family.


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 Her adoption report was completed in June 2015 when she was 7 years old and she is described as a happy, simple and honest girl with a ready smile.  They say her cognitive ability is very strong and although she’s not good at expressing herself with words she has many stories in her heart.  Although she doesn’t speak often she does know words and can call for caretakers when she sees them and will kiss them.

Sonya enjoys watching TV and playing outdoor activities such as games with other children, walking and dancing.  She sometimes goes over to other children’s homes to play.  She can distinguish between family and strangers and different objects.  When visitors come she likes talking with them and playing with them.  When she is praised for her politeness she is very happy and will smile.

An agency rep who met Sonya last summer said, “Sonya speaks in simple, but clear Mandarin. She follows instructions and she is great at coloring. She loved the stickers we had with us and had so much fun sticking them on her face and clothes.”

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Sonya has good understanding and follow through when given directions.  She is said to be optimistic, kind, very understanding, reasonable and lovely.  She made a statement that has been recorded in her file that reads:  “Now I want to have a family very much, many children who grew up with me in the institute, they have been adopted, but I do not.  I really hope that someday I can be adopted by foreign family, if I have chance will not forget uncles and aunts in this institute.”


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