Derek was born in August of 2007 and was abandoned on a train three months later.  He was brought to a local hospital and diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Congenital Heart Disease (ASD, VSD).  At the end of November 2007 he was brought to the local orphanage and placed into foster care.


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The staff gave him a name that means “absolute sincerity” and “gentle.”  Boy oh boy did they get that right!  I had the awesome opportunity to spend a little time with Derek in July of 2013 and this little boy is just as sincere and gentle as can be!

He was just smiling at me the whole time we were in the room with them and when the staff told us it was time to move on with our tour he asked if he could hug me…  My answer?  YES!!!  This sweet, sweet boy wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tight!  When I went to stand up I felt him wrap his little legs around me and I thought I was going to be carrying him around for the rest of our tour!  This child is so full of joy and affection! If you are one for snuggling he is the perfect child for you!

Derek3 Derek4

Derek lives in a foster family in a nice apartment on the grounds of the institute and attends a Little Sisters preschool through Half The Sky Foundation.  The staff describe him as outgoing, extroverted and active.  He has rich emotions and every morning he enters the classroom with smiles.  In class he enjoys helping the teacher and playing with the other children. At snack time he helps the children with mobility issues eat their snacks and drink water.  They say he acts like an older brother and cares about the children around him.

Derek’s report from October 2013 states he is able to count items and distinguish emotions by facial expressions.  He is an athlete and does well with jumping, running, kicking and passing a ball.  Derek is able to hold a pen and scribble.  He can imitate drawing vertical lines and uses tools such as tape, glue and scissors. He washes his own hands and can communicate with adults.  He likes to help take care of his family. Derek is fond of drawing, listening to music, dancing, singing and playing games.  He likes to participate in the Dance and Musical program through Half The Sky and often takes part in some performances.  At home he helps with simple housework.

Updated picture from October 2013

 Derek can be seen in this video: 

An adoption fund has been started for Derek.  Please click HERE to donate!


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