Zack was born in June 2007 and found abandoned in June 2009. He was diagnosed with cognitive delay, strabismus (cross-eyed), and epilepsy. A recent report states that he has a little developmental delay compared to his peers. He can count up to 50, write his numbers, knows his shapes and colors, can speak in long sentences, and has competent language skills. His strabismus does not affect his vision or his ability for self-care. He has normal physical development. Zack started taking medication to control his epilepsy in September of 2015. Since then, he has had 2 seizures, each lasting 20 seconds.


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Zack, CHAC

Zack attends a special needs community school in China and lives with a foster family. He listens carefully in class, has a long attention span, is well-behaved, and gets along well with his peers. He is described as a polite and lively boy.

He is an outgoing and helpful boy who is an active student who learns well and is able to express his thoughts fluently.  He gets along well with others, likes to share.

Zack, boh update

From Zack’s host family:  “He has settled in well and is such a sweet little boy. The interpreter (my friend here in WV) was concerned that he could not answer many of her questions and she just kept shaking her head saying that he seemed more like a 4 year old than an 8 year old. So it seems there may indeed be some major learning/mental difficulties. He is very curious and likes to explore, but also really likes for things to be orderly. He tries to put anything away that seems out of place. He is very affectionate and loves to share, especially food. He brought a whole grocery bag of candy with him and made sure that each of us had several pieces. He also saw that a little girl was painting at a craft place we stopped to visit yesterday and he took the paint and the water that we had used earlier to paint over to her table to share with her. He laughs easily and loves slap stick-type humor. Any loud noise or something dropping/falling causes him to crack up.  We went sledding today and he loved it…laughing all the way. He especially loves music and has taken to carrying around a game boy (doesn’t understand how to play the game, but knows how to push the buttons to turn it on and make the music play) and a plastic pig toy (that I use for my three year olds at work )that also makes music. He is now singing the tunes from the toy…as is the whole family from hearing them repeat over and over and over. Not sure what will happen when the batteries run out 🙂

He has a good appetite and likes to eat anything that we are eating. He hates to color and has difficulty with simple puzzles, but is able to count, recognizes and matches numbers. Has no real concept of playing a card game, like crazy 8s. ..he came with his own deck. But is attached to the deck and often takes it out, shuffles, and “deals” and then we take turns laying down cards in any order – face up or face down. When finished, he is very precise about stacking the cards and getting them back in the box with the lid closed.

Physically he is a bit clumsy – bumps into things frequently, knocks things over and has difficulty on our stairs. Yet he can run and jump and played in the snow.

Fastidious about hygiene – took his own shower, insists on brushing his teeth immediately upon waking (wish I could get my teenager to do that!), takes care of toiling and washes his hands. Brought his own little hand towels, which he had to unpack and hang in all of the bathrooms. ”   He loves the snow!


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