Nora was born in April 2007 and found abandoned at 7 months old. She has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and clubfoot. Nora’s cerebral palsy affects her ability to control her movements and often gives her intense pain.




In May of 2014, Nora received surgery to help with pain. She recovered from the surgery and continued to work on her movement abilities. She attended an hour of rehabilitation training twice per day with emphasis on increasing her ability to walk without the support of a walker. A year later, Nora began a new rehabilitation training program where she received the highest and strongest level of physical therapy available. In the beginning, Nora would not cooperate with the training because of the pain it caused her.  Eventually Nora agreed to continue on and fight through the pain. The training she received and the massages they gave to her legs helped relieve some of the pain. In April of 2016, Nora began rehabilitation classes twice per week in a nearby hospital. Now, Nora can stand without any help for 10 minutes straight although she still relies on a walker to move around for meals, to the bathroom, and at bedtime.


From November of 2015 to May of 2016 Nora attended a special education boarding school. She would return to the orphanage every two weeks to visit. The boarding school helped Nora to develop a greater ability to care for herself and others, and she came back much more mature. She learned a lot at this school. Nora learned many classic poems, how to color and draw simple shapes, and she is even learning to use sign language! Nora’s intelligence is still behind that of her peers, but she works hard in school and loves to receive praise. Nora can express herself using simple sentences and is working to improve her language capabilities. She can understand spatial and directional ideas, she knows her colors, can count, and knows the names of many body parts. Nora used to struggle in school and could not pay attention. Since attending the special education school, Nora’s intelligence is much improved. Nora is a very active child. She likes to play with other children, talk with others, and is polite. She likes to play with puzzles and snow flake toys at the orphanage. Nora gets along well with others. She greets familiar people enthusiastically, but is shy around strangers. Nora has made great strides in her physical and intellectual abilities. She is a strong girl who will fight to be the best that she can be.


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