Special Focus child on the Shared List

Photos from when I met Tony in July 2013

Tony was born in March 2006 and has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  He is in foster care and lives in a nice apartment within the institute where many families live and keep gardens for fresh produce on the grounds.  Tony participates in a Half The Sky Little Sisters school program and also visits the rehabilitation training department for physical therapy.

The staff describe him as smart.  They say he is “talkative, has a ready smile, likes singing, dancing and making joke with teachers and other kids.”

That’s evident by his smile in these pictures from when I met him!!!

The report continues and says, “He is curious, likes communicating with others.  He is good at thinking, understand what teachers said, he would observe when adults doing something, has good imitating ability.  He is polite, often say hello to others with smile.  He would try to solve the problem in his own way when other kids or him have problems.”  Tony “often speak funny words which makes other laugh.  He has good language expressive ability, has rich vocabularies, can communicate well with others.  He has good logical thinking ability.  He can repeat main meaning of stories teachers have taught.  He is active in the class, likes answering questions and explore knowledge he does not know.  He takes in new knowledge well.”

Tony has “good fine motor skills, can write pen with right hand.  Can line dots to pictures; can color pictures with crayons or marker in right color within the outline; can thread beads, can fold paper and stick them with glue.”

Tony “can walk under the help of walker, can kick ball with single leg.  Although he cannot walk alone, his daily life and walking ability are not effected.  He has poor balance ability, need to keep balance holding a chair when sitting.  He has good crawling ability, can crawl through a barrel quickly.  His waist is weak, like leaning on walker when sitting.”

Tony “likes drawing, listening to stories, read children’s songs, singing, play games, read picture books.  He has good memories, can recite ancient poems, can play phones and make call.  He performs well in the rehabilitation class and dance and music activity of Little Sisters, often take part in shows of kids.  Tony can have meals, take on clothes without help.  He can go to the toilet and wash him self.”

Tony “has good adaptability, good moral qualities.  He is polite to others.  He gets along well with other kids in th institute, take care of younger siblings, willing to share books or other good things with them.  Tony is a pleasing, serious and responsible boy.”

I don’t know if I’ve ever read such a lovingly written report.  Tony must have the staff here wrapped around his little finger!

Updated photo from October 2013

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