Andrew was hosted in the US in January 2015 and was chosen for adoption by a family who is no longer able to continue the process.  Andrew was born in February 2006 and has been diagnosed with ear deformities and some hearing loss but he speaks and sings well.


Andrew, CHAC

Andrew is a smiling boy with lots of curiosity who does very well in school and is liked by classmates and teachers.  Andrew is outgoing and active, and likes sports – especially running and playing football with his classmates.  His favorite toy is a small go-cart.

Andrew 2

As of March 2016 Andrew is in the 3rd grade.  His host family has said he’s “a very sweet boy with an ever-present smile on his face. He was open, friendly, smiling, and full of love from our first meeting. Andrew has some external deformity of both ears, as well as conduction deafness of both ears’ acoustic ducts. This translates into Andrew being hard-of-hearing, but he managed very well with us nonetheless.  We took him to an ear doctor who said his condition is reparable.  Other than his aural deformity, he seemed quite normal, developing a quick friendship with our three boys.  He took to our family right away, especially to our boys, wanting to fit in and help in any way possible. He would do anything for his host mom, he loved attention from her, and loved to serve and help. Andrew seemed to be an intelligent young boy, although a little slow learning academic things we would teach him. He learned our family routine very quickly, helping set the table, vacuuming, folding clothes, cleaning up toys, etc. 

new photo2 3-17-16

Andrew seemed extremely happy and just loved friendship and attention. He is certainly one who likes to be around others. He seemed to adapt quickly to all the surroundings to which we exposed him: home, church, shopping malls, restaurants, and more.  Andrew’s physical abilities seemed quite normal. His fine and gross motor skills seemed normal. He took right to learning how to ride a scooter on our parking pad, but he didn’t do anything that caused us concern or was of any risk. Andrew enjoyed doing anything that our sons would be doing: playing games, playing outside, riding scooter, playing with nerf toys, playing on trampoline, typical boy-stuff.  

 new photo1 3-17-16

Andrew was very comfortable around other people…always a smile on his face. He enjoyed playing with his peers (our sons) and his interactions were normal and appropriate. He responded very respectfully and obediently to adults. He did not act out in any way whatsoever if he did not get what he wanted.”

Video added June 2016:


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