***   Terri is eligible for a $10,000 older child adoption grant   ***

This child visited the USA for three weeks for summer hosting!

Terri was born in February 2005 and is by all accounts an extroverted, happy, well-behaved, obedient, caring, helpful and easy-going girl.  She has been in the orphanage system and foster care since 2005 and has lived in the foster home inside the orphanage for the last 5 years.  She’s always gotten along well with foster families.  She likes to help her foster mom do housework, take care of her little brothers and sisters, and help children with physical disabilities walk up and down stairs.  Though she is diagnosed with postoperative tongue malformation and mental development delay, others who’ve met her say she has normal mental and emotional development, but can’t speak clearly.


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Terri’s motor skills are normal, and she has no physical limitations.  A recent report says she’s in kindergarten, but past reports have said she is in the orphanage special education class, is the best student there, understands what is taught, and is good at painting.  She is close to the teachers and gets along very well with all other kids and adults.  She can recite some poems and children’s songs, as well as simple English words.

Terri update

She can write simple words and do simple addition and subtraction. We and others met Terri in her orphanage, and one visitor reports, “She is a very sweet and happy child who really lights up the room when she smiles. She will go very far with love and formal education.” She really wants to be adopted!  See her happy personality as she dances in her video below.


Terri is eligible for a $10,000 older child adoption grant through Reece’s Rainbow. Grants are offered on a first-come, first-served basis to families adopting RR listed children.  See http://reecesrainbow.org/olderchildpolicychange for details.  

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1. How does her mental ability compare to peers of same age? Terri has normal mental ability. She can learn well and she understands most things, but she cannot express very well.
2. How does her SN affect her health? She cannot speak clearly.
3. Is she potty trained? Yes.
4. Please describe her personality in details: Terri is extroverted and happy!
5. Is she well behaved and obedient? She is very well behaved and very obedient. She is easygoing and she likes helping other kids. She is the head of the special education class.
6.Gross motor skill? Can she walk, run, jump, walk upstairs and downstairs by herself? Can she kick a ball? Can she pick up a ball? Any limited functions?She has no problem with any of these things and no limitations.
7. Fine motor skills- Can she draw or scribble on paper? Can she pick up little things with fingers? Her fine motor skills are totally normal and she has no limitations.
8. Is she in any kind of school? If so, what school? Can she catch up in school? She is in the orphanage special education class. She is the best student there. She can catch up with what the teacher teaches.

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9. Emotion development? Is the child attached to anyone? Who is she close to? Does she care for other people? Terri’s emotional development is normal. She is very attached to her foster mother. She is also close to the teachers. She is very caring to other people.
10.How are her social skills? Does she get along well with other children and adults? She loves and is very good at painting. She gets along very well with all other kids and adults. She is very easygoing and very helpful. Everyday she will help another child with a physical disability to walk upstairs and downstairs. She helps her foster mother to take care of the little ones and does housework she is capable of.
11. Is she under foster care or live in the orphanage? If foster, when did he/she enter the foster home? How does he/she do there? Has it been the same foster home all the time? She lives in the foster home inside the orphanage. She has lived there for four years. She used to live with another foster family before that. She got along well with both families.
12.updated measurements:  Height 127cm,weight 24.5kg,head 51cm,chest 60cm,foot 18cm,18 teeth
13. Does she want to be adopted? Yes.

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Terri’s host mom said, “I see cleverness in Terri’s eyes as well as innocence and openness. She smiles at times with real affection. There are times when she is empathetic or sympathetic but this is more limited. I think she is bright and can learn many new things. She is shy briefly with new people and then if a connection can be made by myself or my girls to know it’s safe she jumps right in. She connected with my girls over the first few days. She was wary of the cat, but quickly grew to love showing the cat affection!

Terri update 7:16

She is very willing to try anything–food, games, people, rides in the car. She will try new things for a short time and give up easily at other times, but when she wants something she will not give up for anything.  She has trouble with fine motor skills and doesn’t appear to have had much time to walk, run, play, interact with any activity. She likes to be playing games like basketball, ball, playing with chalk outside, bubbles, and dolls.  She likes being with my older girls and is learning to play and color.

Terri update2 7:16

Her future family will have to be someone with the heart to know how much she has to learn to catch up to the typical 11 year old.  I love this child. She is warm, caring and loving. I love her face and giggle.  I love when she is engaged in anything from taking a shower to baking with that smile and giggle, especially when she is just herself and silly with all of us.”


Terri is eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Adoption Grant!  


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