Jen was born in July 2013 and found abandoned by the gate of an orphanage when she was 10 months old.  She had no obvious special needs upon admission but a year later, in May 2015, she was diagnosed with epilepsy and physical developmental delay.


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Jen pic 3

When Jen was admitted to the orphanage she was able to stand with support and roll over but could not sit stably.  It was observed that her physical and mental abilities were behind her peers, however, under the care of orphanage staff she had good physical development.  When she reached 14 months old she could kick her feet with strength to move a quilt off of her body.  She could also sit by herself.  At 18 months old she could sit and play for a long time and was able to hold bed railing to stand and play.  She had more motion and was interested in toys.  She would grasp the toys around her.  When she was 21 months old she could stand by herself and her hands were agile.  She was interested in the people and things around her and could imitate motions.  With the support of orphanage staff she continued to practice walking.

Jen pic 2

At the time of her adoption report Jen was 22 months old and said to be an active girl who is curious about people and remembers pictures.  She could play simple imagination games like clapping and dolls, turned her head when she heard her name, recognized familiar people and could pick up small objects with her fingers. The wording in her file is a little confusing but I believe they are trying to indicate that although she could imitate words, her speech wasn’t clear.  She was able to crawl on hands and knees, stand steadily and walk with hands on handrails.

Jen pic 1

Jen liked playing and stays close to her caretakers.  She was said to have a ready smile and was fond of reading picture books.  Her favorite toy was a ball. Sometimes she is stubborn and when she isn’t happy she will cry to express her sadness. She likes to receive attention and care.


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