Jasper was born in July 2013 and found abandoned when he was a month old. He has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.



At the age of 1-3 months Jasper could turn his head to follow light and sound. At the age of 4-6 months he liked to listen to adults and “talk” to them. He could move his hands and feet strongly. When lying on his stomach he could raise his head up and visually follow moving people. By 7-9 months he could suck his hands and wave them to ask for a cuddle. His eyes could follow dropping objects and he recognized acquaintances. By 10-12 months he would cry if wet or soiled. He could sit with support and would giggle when happy. When feeding Jasper could hold his spoon and bowl and he liked to talk with others.

At 13-16 months he would use his upper limbs to support himself while lying on his stomach. He could raise his head up high, sit alone for awhile, and made early sounds. He could roll over, knew his name and could distinguish between strangers and acquaintances. Jasper was able to show emotions such as happy and sad, and could stand with support. He was attached to caregivers and asked them to cuddle him and play games  such as hide-and-seek and Peek-a-Boo with him. He could say simple words such as, “ba ba.” Jasper has been described as a quiet boy with a ready smile who is found of listening to music and reading picture books. He enjoys playing outside and making music on a toy piano.


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