Mitchel was born in August 2011 and diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

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Mitchel was abandoned near a gate in November 2011 wrapped in a red blanket.  His birth parents left a note which helped determine his date of birth.  After being placed in his orphanage they noticed he was small and weak and not developing well and sent him to the hospital where it was confirmed that he has congenital heart disease, 1. Single Ventricle, 2. ASD, Narrow PA.  He was too young for treatment at that time so the orphanage placed him with a foster mother who has 10 years experience raising children and is very loving.  Mitchell was 9 months old at the time of his report and they said his health was well.  Even though he presented a little weaker than same aged children, by appearance, there is no difference between them.

Mitchel likes to feed himself cookies and play with toys.  He understands the meaning of adults facial expressions.  Mitchel was said to be active and very lovely with big black eyes.  He enjoys watching television ads and makes sounds when happy.  He is said to be a clever and handsome little boy!

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January 2013:  He is currently doing okay.  Due to his heart problem he tends to get flu and is easy to sweat.  His lips and fingers turn blue when he is crying.  He can now sit stably and walk while holding on to furniture.

May 2013:  Mitchell’s health has been okay, only having flu occasionally.  He can walk while being held in one hand.  Can stand while holding on to furniture.  Can play be himself.

An American physician offered his opinion on Mitchel’s file saying, Regarding this child’s file, there’s not very much information to go on.  Single ventricle w pulmonary stenosis.  The important number of pulmonary stenosis of 4m/s (from the one echo report) is promising that he doesn’t have pulmonary hypertension.  However that information can change from the time of that echocardiogram to now.  There is a possibility that this child would not be operable.  If there is an operation it would be palliation w Glenn/Fontan.  Echo report also mentions…’minor’ regurgitation which is fairly common and not overly concerning (although could have changed from 2012).”



Mitchel 9:14 update 5  Mitchel 9:14 update 6

Because of his illness, he developed slower than other children. He was not able to walk independently and easily until 7 months ago (at approximately 30 months old). His leg didn’t have much strength and he was afraid to walk up and down stairs alone, but he could do it with other’s help. He was also afraid to do any intensive activities. So far, he can speak some single words, but he couldn’t speak a complete sentence. He doesn’t like to talk, but he understands what other say. He can take off and wear his clothes independently. He listens to his caregiver and does whatever she says such as washing his hands and pushing the button on the TV. He likes to play with his friends. He can interact with others and catch the ball. He loves using his brother’s color pen to draw and scribble.

Mitchel 9:14 update 2

Since Mitchel has been enrolled in the Institution he was continuously under his foster mother’s care. He really relies on her. Because he is weak, he often catches cold and needs flu shots. His foster mom is very worried every time he is sick. Everyone says that he is really lucky to have someone cares for him that much. The institution is monitoring his health condition and providing sufficient nutrition and treatment.

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Currently, Mitchel mainly eats rice and drinks milk.  He also eats vegetable, meat and snacks.  He has a fair appetite. He eats three meals a day and follows the caregivers’ mealtime.  He can eat a half bowl of rice with soup. He wakes up at 7:00 a.m., takes a nap at 10-11 a.m., and goes to bed at 10:30 p.m… He sleeps with the caregiver, and sleeps well each night. He passes stool once in every morning, urinates irregularly.

Mitchel 9:14 update 4

Mitchell is a shy and timid, yet active and curious boy. When he plays with other kids, he sometimes will be like a big man, but foster mom is there watching how they play and protects him. He loves music and will sometimes dance. He is quick-minded and energetic in the daytime. He has a quick temper.  He likes to go to supermarket and is a really a smart and cute boy.


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1. Is Mitchel on target mentally compared to children his age?   Yes.

2.  Is Mitchel on target physically with other children his age?   
His physical development is a little behind compared to his peers. He is thin and weak. He is not talking yet. He can only say Mama, he understands what adults saying to him.

3.  Please describe his personality:  
He is stubborn and impatient.

4.  Has he had any heart surgeries or started any medications?   
He had medical examinations. We are going to take him to a Heart Hospital in May for a complete physical examination.

5.  Has he been diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension?   

6. Are there any ultrasound, echo, medical reports or pictures of his heart) more recent than from 2013, 2014 or 2015 that can be shared?   
He had ultrasound in 2011,2012, and 2013.

7. Does he seem to be maintaining his same low energy level or growing weaker?   
He looks doing well except when he’s ill or bad weather.

8.  What are his favorite activities?   go to supermarket, park, pay video games and play with other children. 

 His updated measurements:   Height: 95cm; Weight: 13kg; Head: 50cm; Chest: 50cm; Foot: 15cm.



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