Randy was born in April 2011 and abandoned when he was just 5 months old in front of an orphanage.  At that time he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.


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Randy lives with a foster family and attends a Half The Sky Infant Nurture program in the mornings.   His adoption paperwork was completed in December 2013 and at that time he was described as extroverted and energetic.  His report indicates that he likes playing with toy blocks, balls, cars and toys that make sound.  He gets along well with other children and is fond of imitating.  He can sit on a chair, walk with one hand being held and go up and down stairs.  He can pick up small objects with his thumb and index finger, turn pages of a book, paint and hold a pen and scribble.  They say Randy is clever, can express his thoughts, understands what “no” means and can respond appropriately when adults ask for objects.  He can point to body parts and is speaking a few words.  Randy enjoys singing and dancing, cooperates when being dressed and is able to feed himself snacks.

Randy is another little sugerlump I got to meet when I was volunteering in China last summer (July 2013) and he is such a sweet little guy.  He is clearly attached to the teachers in his room and very affectionate with them.  He was curious about us and had such an easy smile although he stopped smiling when I held up my camera because he was so curious about it!  I tried to get video of him crawling but every time I lifted my camera he would stop!  Little stinker!

Pictures from when I met Randy in July 2013

Updated picture from December 2013

Please see Randy in this video:   

 An adoption fund has been started for Randy.  Please click HERE to donate!


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