Matthew, December 2010

Matthew was born in December 2010 and found when he was about 3 months old. He was diagnosed as having Estropia of both eyes and slightly high muscular tension.  At the time of his medical report when he was 10 months old they said he had good physical development and was eating a good diet of noodles, eggs and vegetable paste.  His report states that at the age of 5 months he started physical therapy and could support his head while lying on his stomach, babble and would smile when played with.  At the age of 6 months he could hold toys, laughed aloud and followed objects with his eyes.  At the age of 9 months he was sitting alone.  They said he was active and outgoing and the caretakers all love him.  He would smile when cuddled.  There is one sentence at the very end of his file that says, “he has Hypophrenia.”  Estropia isn’t mention in the official diagnosis area – just Hypophrenia.  His diagnosis has since been updated (below).

2014 UPDATE:  Matthew’s orphanage has confirmed that the original diagnosis of Hypophrenia was wrong and now say he has Cerebral Palsy.  He has been loved on by a couple of wonderful volunteers in his orphanage and he has been receiving hydrotherapy. This is what the volunteers had to say about him: “Matthew cannot walk yet. He has some ways to go before reaching that stage, but we are hopeful that he will be able to walk one day. He can turn over and sit up. This is huge for him because he really couldn’t move much at all about 9 months ago! There’s definitely lots of potential and they feel he will do very well with a loving family!”

Matthew, Dec 2012   Matthew - Dec 2012 - hypophrenia

This final picture is Matthew doing his Hydrotherapy:

Matthew, Dec 2012, hypophrenia


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