Tommy was born in March 2007 and found abandoned when he was 7 years old. He has been diagnosed with scoliosis and mental developmental delay, however, because he was abandoned at an older age we don’t know if he received any formal education before entering his orphanage. He is currently in school and his delay is said to be diminishing.

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Tommy has lived on the orphanage grounds with a foster family for the past 3 years. He is described as diligent because he is always willing to help with chores and with the younger children. He does a good job taking care of himself and will help the younger children do the same. Tommy likes to sing and dance with his friends! He can recite rhymes and children’s songs, which you can see him do in his video. He loves puzzles and painting.


Tommy can communicate simply with adults and understands adults’ instructions. He has a very good memory and knows the name of every child in his class. He has bowel and bladder control and does not need assistance in the bathroom.

 In summer of 2016, Tommy was receiving a preschool education inside the orphanage and his delay was diminishing. He is now in Kindergarten and is still improving. He can count from 1 to 10 and use scissors to cut out squares and circles. Tommy has not received any treatment or surgery for his scoliosis. The orphanage reports that he is unable to jump and get his feet off the ground, but is not affected otherwise. He is active and can run freely.


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