Charmaine was born in August 2006 and found abandoned when she was around 2 months old. She has been diagnosed with hemiplegia of the left side. Don’t miss her November 2016 update below!

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When she was 2 years old Charmaine entered a Half The Sky Little Sister’s preschool. At that time she could walk but fell down often. It took her a little while to adjust to school but she showed progress and began to enjoy herself. In July 2011 she had a limb corrective operation and received three months of rehabilitation therapy. After this her walking improved and she could walk quickly. Even though she was able to hold her left hand up she was unable to hold things in it. She became more active and liked playing with children rather than sitting with her teacher. Charmaine’s adoption file was completed shortly before her 6th birthday.  Though she couldn’t speak she did understand what was said to her and could accomplish tasks with encouragement. Charmaine could go up and down stairs, draw with a pen, stand on one foot, undress herself and wash her hands. She was described as being active, fond of listening to music and playing with others. She had a ready smile and got along well with others. Her favorite activity was playing outside and her favorite toy was a bicycle.


How is her mental ability compared to peers the same age? Delayed.

Does her special need affect her health? No.

Is she potty trained? Yes.

Please describe her personality in details. She is a quiet and lovely girl. She cannot speak yet, but when seeing the nannies or teachers she knows well, she will come up and take your hand, smiling.

Is she well behaved and obedient? She behaves well and is obedient.

How are her gross motor skills? She can walk, run, jump and climb stairs on her own. She has no limited functions.

How are her fine motor skills? Can she draw? Can she pick up little things with her fingers? She can scratch with a crayon and pick up little things with her fingers.

Is she in any kind of school? If so, what school? Can she catch up in school? She is studying at Half the Sky Little Sisters School.

How is her emotional development? Is she attached to anyone? Who is she close to? Does she care for other people? She is very attached to her nannies and teachers and she knows how to care for others.


How are her social skills? Does she get along well with other children and adults? She likes to play together with other kids. She is loved by her teachers and nannies.

How is her language ability? Her speech ability is delayed compared with other kids the same age. She can speak baby words only.

Can the child follow directions of adults? One step, two steps, or three steps? Yes she can.


Is she in foster care or does she live in the orphanage? She is living in the orphanage.

Updated measurements: Height: 110 cm, Weight: 17 kg, Head circumference: 45 cm, Chest circumference: 56 cm, Foot length:18.5 cm, Teeth:14 on top and 14 on the bottom



Agency staff met Charmaine in November 2016. They said she responds to voice, followed moving objects with her eyes, smiles, turns her head to locate sounds, can build a tower with blocks, follows commands and imitates words/speech sounds. She was able to follow one step commands and imitate actions. She used gestures to indicate things she wanted or needed and can button and unbutton clothing, although has difficulty lifting shirts over her head. She could catch a ball and move to music and enjoys holding hands. Charmaine could express emotions such as joy, pleasure, sadness and fear and sleeps well. She attends school in the orphanage but hasn’t learned to read or write – they mostly play and sing songs. Staff described her personality as being very sweet and say she is physically doing well though may be experiencing some neglect.






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