Cole was born in March of 2005 and abandoned two years later in a local hospital. He has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He was hosted in America in January 2017.

Cole is eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant through Reece’s Rainbow!!!


The couple that found him raised him themselves for two years but never adopted him.  In March 2009 he was weak due to Cerebral Palsy and still unable to walk. The couple felt they could no longer care for him and surrendered him to local authorities.  Since then he has been in foster care through the orphanage.  He had surgery and then began receiving rehabilitation training in the institute where he learned to walk.  In addition to therapy, he also participates in a Half The Sky Little Sisters Education Project.

Picture from December 2013

When I met Cole last summer (July 2013) he was an exceptionally happy child and very excited to have us there after getting over his initial shyness.  I’m happy to report that he walks unassisted now!  He sang a song for us and we played with balloons.  Cole really enjoyed batting a balloon back and forth and was just giggling contagiously when I would hit it over his head!

Cole is described as open, smart and lovely.  The staff said he likes talking with people, has good communication skills and follows directions well.  He likes to tell interesting stories which make his friends laugh.  He enjoys games and playing with other children.  His report says he is polite to people, uses polite language and has good morals.  He likes to help take care of younger brothers and sisters and shares with them.

The staff wrote that he unites his classmates and happily cleans in the classroom and foster home.  He also helps others with their cleaning such as washing their face.  Cole’s self care is good.  He can finish things alone and manage his own clothes.

Cole joins daily activities and participates in sports with good performance.  He likes drawing pictures, listening to stories and music, dancing and singing.  He has performed very well in the rehabilitation training department and is now walking.

At the time of his report in December 2013 Cole could sit, stand, crawl, walk, jump and go up stairs quickly.  His report says he uses a walker, however, when we were there he was walking around without one and he never fell.  Cole is able to tie shoelaces, dress himself including buttoning, draw pictures and use chopsticks.  He is also able to kick and throw, count and write simple characters.  The staff said he obey’s class rules, has a good study attitude, is careful and answers questions.  He is strong and responsible.

Please enjoy these videos of Cole from my visit to his orphanage!

Cole is eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant through Reece’s Rainbow!!!


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