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Wendell was born in June 2015 and found abandoned when he was one month old. He has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and two congenital heart defects, an ASD and PFO. The orphanage reports that both heart conditions have healed themselves and have sent tests and images from February, 2017 to show this.


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Wendell, 2, is cute as a button! His happy, bright personality shines through in all of his photos and videos. Wendell does not have formal language skills yet, but he enjoys communicating with others through smiles, hugs, and some simple words, such as goodbye and coming. He recognizes his name when it is called and recognizes familiar people. He has a good understanding of social interactions and can show his emotions. Wendell can follow simple commands and has strong imitating ability.

The orphanage describes him as handsome, active, and extroverted. Wendell enjoys listening to music, playing games, and playing with toys, especially rag dolls. He gets along well with others and enjoys spending time with his peers. Wendell has quick reactions and is inquisitive; if an object is hidden he will search for it rather than be upset that it is gone. Wendell can crawl quickly and is beginning to walk. He can stand and walk with someone’s help or by holding onto a railing. He has good coordination and his motor skills are developing. The orphanage says that Wendell has strong adaptability. He does not yet have bowel or bladder control.


Wendell is also listed as having the cytomegalovirus (CMV) and a milk protein allergy. The orphanage says that he was never affected by CMV and that this is a mistake. It is unclear whether the listed milk protein allergy means that he is lactose intolerant or that he has PKU as he has certain PKU physical qualities and is getting low-protein milk powder and low-protein rice powder, but the orphanage denies that he has PKU. A PKU test has been requested.


In order to help Wendell find a family, all Placing Agency fees are being waived. Wendell’s family will be responsible for the costs of their homestudy, post-placement reports, dossier authentication, China’s dossier log-in and translation fees, USCIS fees, orphanage donation and travel expenses. Our staff will assist Wendell’s family with grant applications and fundraising. The federal Adoption Tax Credit may also be beneficial to Wendell’s family.

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