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Wendy was born in October 2014 and found abandoned around her first birthday. Her report indicates cerebral palsy, however, according to her caregivers, this is a mild one-sided weakness. Wendy had surgery for congenital heart disease shortly after her 3rd birthday and is doing well.


Volunteers who work with her weekly said she is a “gorgeous little girl who’s learning quickly and catching up on developmental milestones.”  Wendy was placed in a foster village in August 2017 and her adoption report was completed in December 2017. She’s been described as a timid and quiet little girl who was unhappy being left alone. She’s grown close to her caregiver and is appropriately shy around strangers. Wendy liked books with animal pictures but her favorite thing to play with was dolls. She could stand and walk freely, move blocks in and out of a cup, turn pages of a book and was able to speak simple words to communicate. She was able to respond when asked for objects, was cooperative with dressing and could point out body parts when asked.



Volunteers report she is now speaking in more complete sentences, loves playing house with her little roommate, and enjoys snacktime and storytime. She’s able to feed herself and mastering new skills each week. She is a bright and joyful child who is a delight to her caregivers!

A  March 2018 Denver Development Report for Wendy indicates:

Personal Emotional: slightly low scores around 3 years and 3 months possibly related to limited opportunity and cultural factors (like prepare cereal and play board/card games) Since her last assessment she has improved significantly in her social skills.  She has grown in confidence. She shows signs of secure attachment (when she separates from caregiver at physiotherapy she cries a little but understands when caregiver tells her that she will be back to pick her up; and she is happy and smiling when she is reunited with her). She calls her friends by name and engages in pretending playing, during this assessment she always had eye contact.

Fine Motor Adaptive: She scored one month advanced around 3 years, 6 months. She is using both hands, even when she is not prompted to use her right (weaker) hand.

Language: her receptive language is around 4 years old and she has good improvement on expressive language. She started talking more around November 2017 and now she can combine 2 and 3 words in a sentence, she names objects and pictures on a board book if she is asked. She can spontaneously call friends and her caregiver, say hello and goodbye.  Her speech is most of the time understandable and she shows the speech ability of a 3 year old child. This was before her lowest area but she has been improving a lot in the last 6 months.

Gross Motor: she can walk by herself, run and walk up steps. She performs in this area like a 21-month-old. But we need to consider her cerebral palsy diagnosis.

During the test, she was happy and engaging, she enjoyed playing and always kept eye contact. She was alert, always complied and her attention span was appropriate. She enjoys pretend playing and invited me to play with her. She is now more secure and relaxed.


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