Sam was born in November 2013 and found abandoned as a newborn. He has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called Tricuspid Atresia. He had surgery in Beijing in August 2014 to address this condition. A U.S. cardiologist who reviewed his file noted that the surgery he received was appropriate, but it was only a temporary fix and he will likely need one or two additional surgeries once he is adopted. Although not in his file, he appears to have an extra finger on his right hand in pictures. Don’t miss his June 2017 update below! It sounds like he’s doing great! 

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Sam pic 2

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His adoption file was completed shortly after surgery when he was 12 months old. At that time he was said to be a good eater with normal digestion and a sound sleeper.  He could lift his head while lying on his stomach but was not sitting or standing by himself.  He could use his thumb and index finger well, turn his head quickly when being called and follow moving toys with his eyes.  Sam was said to understand the facial expressions of adults and was beginning to communicate with words like “mum” and “aunt.”  Sam was described as a cute boy who giggles when he is played with.  He is shy and fond of quietness and music.


Sam update pic 2

 Sam’s general health status is reported to be normal. He is crawling on hands and knees and can walk holding onto handrails.  He holds a pen and scribbles and imitates drawing lines.  Sam is able to take blocks into and out of a cup, bang blocks together and turn pages of a book.  He responds to caretakers asking for objects and understands what “no” means.  He has a ready smile and is closest to his caretakers.  Sam is fairly introverted and shy but fond of playing with toys, playing games and listening to music.

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Has he received any heart tests since his surgery in 2014?  No new test.

Has he been ill or hospitalized since October 2014? No.

Does he take any medication now for his heart condition? No, he doesn’t take any medication.

Does his heart condition affect his physical activity and daily life? Yes, his motor development is delayed compare with his peers.

Mental Development:  His mental development is normal compare to his peers.

Motor Development:  His motor development is delayed. He can sit alone and stand up with support. He can not walk without help.  He can pick up tiny thing by fingers.

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Language Development:  The language development is delayed. He could only say some simple words, as “Ah Yi (nanny)”.

Adaptability:  He can understand the caretaker’s words and follow the orders. If he loses his temper, giving him cuddle or toys will make him calm down.

Socially:  He is a bit of an introvert.  He is getting along well with both adults and children. He likes playing together with other children.

Favorite Toys:  He likes bells, ball and other toys which could make sounds.



Has Sam started standing and walking on his own yet?  He can stand alone, but can’t walk alone yet. 

Is his language on target with peers? If not, how does he communicate and do you think he will catch up?  No, his language is not on target with his peers. He points. We believe he will catch up. 

Does he tire easily from physical activity?  He can sit and play for a long time without getting tired. But when he walks, he gets tired easily (short of breath). 

Does his congenital heart disease affect his daily living in any way?  He can’t have strenuous exercise. 

Do doctors anticipate him needing more heart surgery in the future?  Yes. 

Please describe his personality.  He is timid. He has a ready smile. He is fairly extroverted. 

Updated measurements:  Height: 80cm; Weight: 11.5kg; Head: 47cm; Chest: 55cm; Foot: 12cm; Teeth: 16.




Sam likes to build with blocks, ride around in his toddler scooter and play with the other children in the orphanage. There are many photos of him laughing and playing with friends. He can go to the bathroom alone, but sometimes needs to be reminded by an adult.

His physical development is normal although he reportedly has poor body coordination (a little shaky when walking.) This isn’t very apparent in the videos of him walking and moving about. He is able to do some tasks alone such as putting on his own shoes, and has normal intelligence. He can express his needs using his words.



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