Evan was born in March 2013 and abandoned under a tree.  When he was  brought to the hospital they gave him a preliminary diagnosis of malformation of all four limbs.



Evan’s report completed March 2014 states that as a result of his malformation of both wrists his hands are not very nimble.  He can grab things but cannot hold them securely.  He’s able to sit but not crawl or walk.  Although he may not react to noises made at his side he does turn to look when a familiar voice calls his name.  He calls out “baba” and “mama.”  When he sees a familiar nanny and he wants her to play with him he will make laughing sounds and say “mama!”  His favorite activity is watching TV and he loves all toys.

Evan’s x-ray results reveal that the bone structure of the bilateral radius and ulna and the bilateral thigh bones are normal.  Both wrists and knee joints are in a flexed position but the rest is normal.


Evan is said to be an active child who likes to sit on the mats and play.  He also loves to listen to music which makes him very happy and he will smile.  The report says that everyone likes Evan and they hope he will find a loving home where he can have a happy childhood and beautiful future.  They feel he will bring his future family a great deal of happiness and blessings.


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He has been in good health recently.His hearing has no problem.  When you call him, he will turn his head to look.  His language function also has no problem, and neither does his intelligence.  It is mainly the medical condition of his limbs that affects his overall motor function impairment. He cannot stand, whether by himself or with support.  He does kick his legs when lying on his back.  He can pick up objects.  His shoulder is restricted.  He can hold small objects in his hands, but his hands don’t have much strength.He can say “ba ba,” “ma ma,” “nai nai” (grandma), and “chi fan” (eat food). He does have a birthmark, but not café au lait spots; his birthmark is blue. He cannot identify objects in pictures.  He cannot feed himself or put his hands in his mouth

There is a video of Evan but to protect his privacy it will only be shared with families who are reviewing his adoption file and have completed eligibility verification. 

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