Percy was born in June 2012 and had successful surgery when he was less than a year old for a tethered cord syndrome (TCS) and a cystostomy (they created an opening in the bladder through his abdomen so that he now urinates through a tube in his bladder).


  Percy lives with a foster family and is reported to be clever. He is starting to speak, knows his body parts, and has age appropriate mental development. He has good gross and fine motor skills and is able to crawl, stand, and walk holding on to a hand.  Percy has a bright, winning personality and loves to stack blocks, play with toys and snuggle with his foster mom.

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Height 83 cm, weight 13 kg,head 48cm, foot 15 cm, 22 teeth
Both feet are of same size. Left foot inward clubbing, right foot outward.  He walks [with a limp] limb. He cannot run. He talks same as kids of same age. He is on diapers for urine, but he can control bowl movement.

Percy, April 2015 update


1. Does he have a heart condition? Has he ever had heart surgery?  No heart surgery.
2. Does he have a malformation of his lower right limb (leg or foot)?  He has a right club foot, but no issue with his lower limbs.
3. Is his movement impaired due to his spinal surgery?  No limitations besides that he cannot play soccer or any fierce sports.
4. Does he still have the cystostomy? Is there any permanent damage? It was already removed. He cannot pee by himself so he will always carry the fistula which is permanent.
5. Is he potty-trained?  He can control his bowel movement, but not his bladder.

Percy, MAA

6. Does he take any daily medications?  No

7. Is there anything about his health or development that concerns you?  He does not know how to pee, which may affect his life.
8. How is his speech compared to other children his age?  His mental and language abilities are the same as kids the same age. He can communicate with them normally and can express his needs.
9. Does he play well with other children?  Yes
10. Is he attached to his foster parents?  He is very attached to his foster father.
11. How are his fine motor skills? His fine motor skills are the same as normal kids his age.
12. Please describe his personality.  He is happy and active.
13. Is he well behaved and obedient?  Yes
14. Can he follow directions?  Yes, he is very obedient.

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