Oliver was born in May 2011 and found abandoned around his second birthday. When his adoption file was created his listed diagnosis was “microcephaly” and “old surgical scar on left lateral thigh,” however, a volunteer who knows Oliver has said that they believe he has Cerebral Palsy which mainly affects his legs although he can walk independently. She reported that he seems to be on track mentally, is a nice boy and is very protective of the younger children who he enjoys playing with. Please read more about this sweet, sensitive boy who has waiting too long to be chosen!!!


When Oliver entered his institute around his second birthday in May 2013 there was a surgical scar on his left thigh and although he could stand, he was unable to walk steadily. It was also noted that he had a poor appetite. Oliver was sent to live with a foster family and received training for basic functions. By September he was able to feed himself with a spoon, drink water, walk, go up and down stairs independently, and run. He was able to understand adult’s directions and was cooperative. He was fond of listening to music and dancing with others.

At the time his adoption report was written in April 2015 Oliver was 4 years old. He ate slowly, still had a small appetite and sometimes vomited when he drank milk. He liked riding a bicycle and could ride very fast. He could scribble with a pen but wasn’t able to hold the pen tightly. He could say some simple words and knew to tell adults when he wanted to use the toilet or needed something. He was said to understand directions and was very cooperative. Oliver was described as being an active, brave and outgoing boy with an easy smile who loved to play with other children. He loved puppies, watching cartoons, looking at books, and his favorite toys were cars.


I’ve known him since I started working at a foster care center 3 years ago. Children who stay in foster care come to this center, where they receive some informal class with lots of free playtime. Oliver was living in a bigger foster home at that time, run by an older Chinese couple. I’ve never seen many toys, nor much interaction between the carers and the children when I visited from time to time. The television was on from early until late. He seemed always a bit depressed and sad when he was there. When I started teaching English at the foster care center, he very soon felt a special connection to me. I know why, he is a very sensitive boy and I’m a very sensitive teacher. I know he needs gentleness, which is not given much by the others working at the center. It’s not that the carers don’t care, but they don’t know it’s important to be gentle. Whenever Oliver is showing that he’s feeling sad, the carers tell him to stop crying. Last year around October 2017, Oliver was placed in another foster home, together with another boy and they were treated poorly. Oliver is a very lovely boy. Although he is sensitive he is easy. He loves my classes and is one of my best students. He can communicate with the ASL (American Sign Language) I taught him as well as talk in English. His speaking isn’t very clear but understandable most of the time. He is always so happy when he sees me, maybe because he experiences me as a surrogate mom. I’m always encouraging him, being gentle with him, and offering emotional support. That’s all he needs, and he is so joyful. Regarding adoption, he would be such an easy child. He’s gentle, loves to learn, tries his best, is joyful when he feels loved, can easily entertain himself for periods of time and loves jigsaw puzzles and coloring. He listens very well. When I tell him, “please don’t do that,” he stops immediately. When he is feeling loved and accepted he is a joy to everyone. He interacts well with other kids and has almost no challenging behaviors. He just really needs a family that accepts him, is gentle with him and sensitive to his needs. I was so grateful that he went to a warm foster home in March 2018, and is emotionally doing much better. The only thing that makes him feel so depressed is that he still doesn’t have a family. Other children from the center have been adopted, but he still doesn’t have a family and he is very worried about his future.

***   JULY 29, 2018 UPDATE   ***

The orphanage who holds Oliver’s guardianship has called him back so the foster home is no longer allowed to continue his care. The staff were devastated to see him go. Although there was happy music playing in the background and balloons for the younger children, staff at the center decided to be honest with Oliver about what was happening and to show him that they care about him. This last photo is him sobbing in the arms of a teacher after learning he had to leave. They are hoping he knows how much he is loved and are doing their best to find a forever family who will adopt him. Please share this post to help his family see him!




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