Special Focus child on the Shared List

Anthony was born in April 2009 and is living with a loving foster family who he is very close to.  He’s been described as a gentle and beautiful boy.

Anthony, update 2012, 4:2009

  His 2011 report states he likes being held and likes all kinds of toys.  He is energetic and fond of playing games with other children.  He gets along well with others and he shares his food and toys well.  His favorite activities are playing with other children outside and watching cartoons.  Anthony’s diagnosis is Post-Operative Meningocele, Post-Operative Hydrocephalus, Tethered Cord Syndrome and Repaired Bilateral Club Foot.  Picture above from 2012 / Pictures below from 2014.


An October 2014 update stated that Anthony is not continent which is probably why they aren’t sending him to school.  He has a young foster sister that he loves and is said to be outgoing, lively and gets along well with other children.  Although Anthony can stand while holding on to something he is unable to walk.  It seems the toy truck in the new pictures is how he gets around because the SWI can’t afford to provide a wheelchair.  There is a heartbreaking video below of this amazing little boy below.  A sweet family has fundraised through LWB to purchase a wheelchair for him so he’ll soon be able to retire the toy truck as his mode of transportation.  Thank you to everyone who donated towards this cause!  Hoping for updated pictures of Anthony showing off his new wheels in a few weeks!

Anthony, update, 10:2014


Anthony now has his wheelchair thanks to donations collected through Love Without Boundaries!  Now we just need to find his forever family!

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.29.01 AM     Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.28.26 AM

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